FRAMMENTI® is an urban fashion artistic brand.

The brand essence is inspired by the human transmutation fragments that come to life in the form of drawings.

Colors, textures, and emotions recreated the most refined senses and stories of African ancestral traditions and turned into wearable heart-made creations.

It gives comfort and coziness; it's a different way of feeling what really makes us different.



Hernani Santiño & Kenny Pinheiro

FRAMMENTI® history started four years ago, when it was only the passion and vision of the two founding partners Hernani Santino and Kenny Pinheiro - two young Angolans - both world connoisseurs.

The artist and the business angel combined efforts and skills to lift the brand further and more than a vision.

Nowadays, FRAMMENTI® bounces from a friendly niche of fans and investors to a space where employees and customers also have a voice and ambition to go further.